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Monday, June 27, 2011

Jelly Jar Pincushion

I'm sure this has been done a million times all over the web by some person craftier than I am, but here is my version. I've tipped it here so you can see the layers of colors in the bottom of the jar.

I have a few of these small wide-mouth jelly jars in the pantry and I had taken a smaller flat lid off a canning jar, tossed some stuffing on top and wrapped it with some fabric and glued it to the bottom of the lid.

So there I sat with a pincushion top and little inspiration. So as I was looking for something in the pantry, the idea came to me:

1. Take half a cup of Epsom salt and pour into a sandwich baggie. One that has the locked slide is easier.
2. Add 5 or so drops of food coloring. (Your choice of colored stripes)
3. Close bag, shake, rattle and roll until all the salt is covered.
4. Repeat for different colors.
5. Pour colored salt into the small canning jar, you can tilt it for 'special effects'.
6. Top with the cushion, it should fit right down into the jar on top of your colored salt layer.
7. I cut another piece of fabric from a coffee filter circle and laid it over the top before screwing the jar lid down tight. You can use pinking shears (these cut small notches so you have less fraying.) Or just hem the circle.
8. Add a few pins and you have a nice little gift.

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