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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Be Organized!

Or just try to make things look like it!

I had this spice rack sitting around, trying to figure out what to do with it.  We all have those at one time or another, the spices aren't as fresh and young as they used to be.  They don't have the flavor or the scent of something good to put in food.  So, after around three weeks I figure I'll just toss the whole thing out.  Then it came to me, like a bolt out of the blue!

Well not really, and someone has probably thought of it already.  To me though, it is new!  I began dumping out what was left of the spices and tossing the small bottles in hot water:

This is one of those tips of Organization where we even share our soapy water.  They were greasy, so Dawn was ready to go to work!

Once that is done, we even share our ability to lay out a kitchen towel and let them dry out:

I even added a bit of the cookies that were cooling in the back.  Hey, organizing is hard work and we need snack when we are done!  If you are wondering where the 'WE' comes in, just check out the blog under Dogs.  They are the helpful furkids.

Anyway, when those are dry (almost anyway)  We began filling them with small items like buttons, clips, small thread spools, needles and pins.  See those handy little flip tops.  Perfect for needles to fall out.

Now it hangs out with my other (ahem) organized areas.

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