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Monday, October 15, 2012

Weekend Project Basket

It was raining most of the weekend,  I would have gone to the Zombie Bash thing if I had been a nicer day/evening.  But the neices ran the entire thing and didn't get turned into a Zombie, their Aunt didn't have that distinction.  She apparantly lost her ribbons early (which means the zombies feasted and turned her into one).  I need pictures of that.  lol

Anyway, enough babbling.  I am organzing again. The website  Fave Quilts  is one of those places that has a ton of free projects and ideas to do.  I finally got one done!  Click here for their project:  Fabric Storage Bin

I had stuff piled on my shelves, well you can see some of it is still there.  Mostly they were pieces of fabric and fat quarters I would just grab when I needed a smaller piece.  Now they fit into the fabric box.  I need to make a few more.

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