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Friday, November 2, 2012

Hot Tip

I had to do 24 more HST's on the second leg of the Mystery Train block.  Cutting them one by one is not any fun. I don't have the fancy HST ruler, so I went looking around. There are a ton of ideas out there, but I found this one and I like it

That girl...Thatquilt:HST tutorial

You take your measurments of what your HST is going to be when it is done.  Mine is 6.5.  so I pulled up windows calculator and put in
Beginning square size x 0.64 = HST size  

If you know what size your HST should be then use this to find what size the beginning square needs to be:

HSTsize/0.64 = beginning square size

Just like Jennifer showed on her blog.  I made my squares 10 inches and then sewed them together.

Then you cut them in half and half again.  Be careful not to stretch them much when ironing and trim them up.

TADA!  Much! MUCH easier.  Thanks Jen for that one!

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